DX240 tyre

A fuel efficient, low-noise small passenger car tyre.

The DX240 provides exceptional wet and dry grip with high levels of straight line and cornering traction.

  • [speaker]Low noise
  • [cloud]Exceptional grip
  • [fuel-efficient]Fuel efficient

Tyre review

Very pleased with the tyres so far


Philip Foy, Cabra

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Features and benefits

Inner block pattern

Inner shoulder area contains open sipes to disperse water in wet conditions, whilst the angular bend in the outer shoulder helps to contain noise and reduce resonance for a quiet drive.

Outer block pattern on DX240 tyre
Centre block section

Three longitudinal grooves channel water away from the contact area and provide drainage channels for safe wet weather driving.

Centre block pattern on DX240 tyre
Outer block pattern

The outer shoulder consists of a contained horizontal groove to actively contain sound and provide a progressive drive with high levels of grip when cornering.

Inner block pattern on DX240 tyre

Tread pattern

Tyre tread pattern on DX240 tyre

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