Since Ollie Ollerton embarked on his outdoor training in preparation for climbing the Ama Dablam mountain, Terratoura has supported him in getting from the highway to the hills.

To ensure he is physically and mentally prepared for the challenge ahead, part of Ollie’s training regime has involved him trekking across difficult terrain. To reach these off-road adventures in comfort and control, Ollie has relied on Terratoura.

Commenting on his outdoor training, Ollie said:

“For me, it’s about my connection with nature and being outdoors with the elements. I certainly know by experience that it is therapy when it comes to my mental health. It’s the best return on investment you’ll get.’’

Terratoura’s were fitted to Ollie’s VW Amarok. Here’s what he thought of the tyres on-road and off-road:

“For me, the Terratoura tyres are absolutely perfect for when adventure beckons. They give you the confidence and freedom to be able to go off the beaten track, get away from the hustle and bustle and really enjoy the outdoors.

“They’ve got great control, they handle well when you go off-road and equally, when transitioning from off-road to tarmac road, it’s a smooth transition.

“I do like an off-road tyre for the activities that I get up to, usually what you get with that is a lot of road noise. You haven't got that with the Terratoura.

Ollie Ollerton staring into the distance

“They really do look the part as well with the raised white lettering. They just look like they mean business because they are fit for purpose.”

Follow Ollie’s progress to the Ama Dablam summit on our social channels and on Ollie’s youtube channel.

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