Davanti Tyres are hot off the line in the new year as they become the official tyre sponsor of the 5Club Racing MX5 Cup for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.  

A perfect blend of performance, excitement and value, the MX5 is a favourite among many car enthusiasts. It’s the perfect match for the uncompromising grip and performance of Davanti’s DX390 tyre.

Officially started in 2012, the MX5 Cup is a tightly controlled one make series for the Mk1 Mazda Mx5 ('89 – '97 B6 1.6l 16v engine). It is a race series that puts the focus on driver ability to be both fun and superb value. Many successful drivers have used the series to hone their skills before moving on to win other championships.

Alyn Robson, Founder of 5Club Racing and the MX5 Cup says “After hearing about Davanti Tyres, I used some on my own road car and was so impressed at their overall performance that we tested some on the MX5s and found them to complement the handling extremely well. With the excellent performance of the new Davanti Tyres, I fully expect that some lap records will fall in 2017.”

The MX5 Cup will have over 20 events on many prestigious UK circuits such as Brands Hatch, Thruxton and Donington Park amongst others, and will even include a trip abroad to the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands. Each event will see 30 to 40+ cars lining up on the grid for some spectacular racing as drivers try to win as many points as they can in hopes of becoming the champion at the end of the year.

With every racecar sporting Davanti branding, the MX5 Cup will spread the Davanti name far and wide between all the press, spectators and TV at events to the many cars being transported on open trailers for all the other road users to see.

Sean Maddocks, Davanti Tyres Sales Director to the UK and Ireland says “Davanti was launched less than two years ago  and our performance portfolio is starting to speak for itself. Between all the extensive testing at IDIADA, our new partnership with the AIA Racing School in Portugal and the MX5 Cup, Davanti is proving to be a true competitor for the more established premium and mid range brands.

“This is only the start so you can expect to see a lot more of Davanti in 2017 and beyond.”

For more information on the 5Club Racing MX5 Cup visit www.750mc.co.uk/formulae/MX5-Cup.


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