British brand Davanti Tyres have visited South Korean distributor GU Networks to mark two years of partnership.

General Manager Peter Cross, Vice General Manager Wilson Zhang and Asia-Pacific Sales Manager Harry Du made the journey to mark the milestone, meet GU Network’s Davanti retail customers and develop growth plans for the brand in South Korea over the next 12 months.

“Working with GU Networks has been important in Davanti’s development,” said Peter. “As a marketplace South Korea is very innovative and open to new brands that do things differently.

“As Davanti’s international presence grew, finding a partner in GU Networks to bring Davanti to this region has been important for our brand presence in Asia and I was thrilled to meet some of the retailers who are working to build the brand.”

GU Networks currently has built a network of 39 Davanti branded retail outlets in South Korea, with plans to increase to 100 during 2020.

“Davanti Tyres has been an excellent partner,” said GU Networks director Ingyu Park. “They have brought a high-quality range of performance road tyres to Korean drivers.

“The size range offers a lot of choice and we have never seen a brand that offer this level of very high quality and value together. We have been able to target the best retailers in the country by combining all the benefits of Davanti with an exclusive brand package and protected margins for our customers.

“Consumers have seen the Davanti difference and they have welcomed such an extensive size range with over 170 fitments for sedans, plus more for SUVs, commercial vans and smaller cars, there’s a Davanti tyre for every Korean driver.”

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