If you’re obsessed with tuning culture, love your supercars and take the care of your car seriously, chances are you know Specialist Tyres.

The independent Letchworth-based Davanti Tyres dealer has built a reputation for offering high-end vehicle services and tyre care for the discerning customer.

From ‘Euro-style’ tyre stretching, to precision fitting for premium wheels, since 2007 Specialist Tyres owner Faz Ahmed has developed a reputation as the go-to guy for tyres and specialist services including brake caliper painting, alloy refurbishment and track tyre fitting.

It’s not all about the high-end car culture though. Specialist Tyres offers a warm welcome to all customers - and whether you drive a Lamborghini or a Fiesta, you get the same outstanding customer service and trusted advice.

“We’re not your average tyre shop,” said Faz. “We live tyres. We will source tyres that others simply can’t, like 165/45/15. Sizes that extreme tuners need but that are rare.

“Our customers will bring us £3k - 10k custom built wheels to fit because we have a reputation for fitting with the utmost care and that matters. One customer recently drove three hours from Huddersfield to get tyres fitted at Specialist because of the trust we have built.

“I started with a love for cars and tyres and built from there. As people immersed in car culture came looking for unique services, I took it upon myself to get those skills in order to provide those services and that is how Specialist Tyres got to where it is today as a 5-star rated business on Google and Facebook.”

For the last two years, Specialist Tyres has been an authorised Davanti dealer, successfully introducing new customers to the British-brand’s extensive tyre range.

“At first I was sceptical,” said Faz. “Davanti was a fairly new brand and as I’ve said, we have built a reputation for trust and quality.

“But the more I looked into the brand, the more I realised how good Davanti was. Most brands have good label scores on 20-30% of a pattern’s size range, and the rest are average.

“Davanti made sure that through testing and development it had strong label scores across its sizes. The fact that the design and engineering was British and the testing was independently carried out in Europe also mattered as it underlines the quality of the products.

“Basically, whichever Davanti tyre you fit, you know it’s going to deliver excellent performance that has been validated by independent testing.”

Specialist is now stocking Davanti’s next-generation UHP tyre, Protoura Sport, and Faz believes this will be a major leap forward for the brand.

“My customers are now buying into Davanti Tyres and they are flying off the shelves,” he said. “Protoura Sport is going to take that to a new level.

“When you’re a tyre person you can tell good tyres by touch, and when I got my hands on Protoura Sport, it was clear this was a tyre that was ready to deliver a new level of performance.”

Discover Specialist Tyres at www.specialisttyres.com or via social media on instagram - @specialisttyresuk - and facebook - www.facebook.com/Specialisttyres.