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We’re embarking on a climate positive journey with Ecologi.

Since the Davanti brand was established, we have stood by our mission to be ‘Leading the Way’ in tyre research and development.
Now, as the world navigates a climate crisis, we want to do our part to help reverse climate change and be ‘Leading the Future’ in the industry as a climate positive tyre brand.

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Trees planted

Goal 2,000+ trees per month

Our commitment to helping
reverse climate change

To achieve this, our goal is to plant over 2,000 trees per month over the next 12 months with the help of environmental organisation Ecologi. By planting trees each month, we will be offsetting our carbon emissions and supporting forestation and reforestation on a global scale.

Ecologi’s reforestation projects focus mainly on Mangroves as they absorb carbon at a much higher rate than other types of terrestrial ecosystems.

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