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Portimão racetrack extends Davanti official tyre partnership for three more years

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

One of the most technically challenging race circuits in the world - the Autódromo do Algarve - has agreed a three year extension to retain Davanti Tyres as its official tyre partner.

The decision by a circuit which plays host to the European LeMans Series, 24H Endurance Series, the FIM World Superbike Championship and the Algarve Classic festival, is a massive coup for the UK tyre manufacturer, which only launched its first tyre to the market in 2015.

The deal means that the fleet of high-performance cars used by the Autodromo’s elite AIA Racing School will continue to be fitted with Davanti tyres until 2022.

The school has recently updated the Racing School’s cars, with the Porsche Cayman S, Cayman 718 S and 911 GT3, Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes AMG E53, E63 S and AMG GT C all available.

And as drivers tear around the track at speeds in excess of 250km and hour, they will do so on standard, road-legal Davanti tyres!

“We have held this valued partnership for two years,” said Sean Maddocks, Davanti Sales Director for the UK and Ireland. “It is a prestigious partnership for us and we are proud of the faith the Autodromo team continue to show in our tyres’ on-track performance.”

AIA Racing School Director, Miguel Praia, said that having run on Davanti tyres - specifically the DX640 - since 2016, the instructors were keen for the school to continue using Davanti.

“The tyres have performed impressively well and have been consistent which, anyone who drives at high speed will tell you, is critical,” he said. “The fact these tyres are not a special bespoke formulation or a sticky race tyre, they are simply standard road tyres that perform right on the ragged edge, is phenomenal.

“Our drivers are highly qualified professionals and they understand the importance of tyres as a safety feature. They have developed complete confidence in Davanti since we began this partnership as tyres that handle well and provide all the feedback and control you need to drive safely and well.

“We are proud to partner with Davanti Tyres.”

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Nowhere is off limits for Davanti’s new all-terrain Terratoura

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rough, boggy, rocky, wintry, loose - these can all describe terrain that is difficult or impossible to navigate.

One word renders them all meaningless - Terratoura.

The first hardcore all-terrain tyre offer from Davanti, Terratoura is the result of years of research and development into off road performance to deliver a tyre with predictable, reliable handling wherever you are.

It is designed to tackle extreme conditions, be they deserts like Mexico’s Atacama or Africa’s Sahara, the frozen icescape of the Arctic or the challenging rocky wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. With Terratoura, nowhere is off limits.

Independently tested at IDIADA in Spain, Test World in Finland and Millbrook in the UK, Terratoura is the ultimate tyre for the serious off-roader. It is part of an elite club too - Terratoura is only the seventh all-terrain tyre in the world to earn earn the three peaks mountain snowflake (3PMSF) certification for sub-zero performance.

Not only that, but on the road it performs just like the rest of the Davanti family - offering a comfortable, low noise, efficient ride when travelling between adventures.

Davanti Product Manager Gary Cross believes Terratoura is a true game changer in the global marketplace.

“The 4x4 and pickup market globally is enormous and spans some of the wildest environments in the world,” he said. “From the Americas and Australia to Africa and Asia, to the icy wilderness of Northern Europe, there is a real demand for high performing all-terrain tyres.

“Until now choice has been limited to a few premium-priced brands. But by applying our research team to the problem, we have developed an all-terrain tyre which is almost unstoppable and offers great value.

“Terratoura doesn’t just make extreme terrain accessible, it reduces the cost of running vehicles which some remote communities rely on and reduces the likelihood they will use unsafe part-worn or worn tyres.”

Terratoura’s outstanding performance comes from its specifically designed shoulder pattern and robust, staggered outer blocks. These blocks have been built with reduced movement to maintain grip regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

Constructed from an advanced silica compound, Terratoura is tough off-road and comfortable on-road and is engineered with specialist stone ejection ribs and longitudinal channels to maximise grip by eliminating causes of traction loss.

Since they first disrupted the tyre market in 2015, Davanti has been on a mission to deliver market leading performance without a premium price tag.

In 2015 it launched its first tyre, the DX390. Now, in addition to Terratoura, Davanti offers a range including Ultra High Performance, SUV, standard passenger car, van, taxi and the specialist winter tyre range Wintoura.

For Terratoura enquiries contact

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Davanti scores a stunning goal with world’s leading video game FIFA 19

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Christmas is coming and Santa will undoubtedly be making sure his sleigh has plenty of copies of EA Sports’ popular FIFA 19 game to leave under the tree.

This year for the first time there’s a new member of the FIFA family - Davanti Tyres.

The UK-based manufacturer has just entered the second year of a high-profile partnership with Premier League side Everton Football Club. To take the partnership to the next level, for the first time the brand joined FIFA so gamers can get a truly immersive experience.

Davanti ads will play prominently when players visit Goodison Park, just as they do at the real ground, all rendered in incredible 4K.

“The first year of our Everton partnership was truly incredible,” said Sean Maddocks, Davanti Sales Director for the UK and Ireland. “Having such a premium partner had a tangible effect on our brand, helping us establish ourselves as a serious presence in a competitive tyre market.

“It was therefore a natural progression to extend that connection and there is no better way to do that through FIFA 19. As the media and advertising market shifts, it’s important to target our activity in the places where people are, rather than where we expect them to be.

“Across all platforms, FIFA consistently breaks sales records - last year’s game sold more than 24 million copies worldwide. As a brand which is currently sold in 45 countries and growing, working with a partner in Everton with a global presence, the opportunity to reach that audience through this medium is incredible.”

With new products - like the all-terrain Terratoura - coming in 2019 and customer loyalty building as original Davanti customers have started returning to the brand as their tyres need replacing, increasing brand awareness is a real focus for the manufacturer in 2019.

“We have a strong UK dealer network and have forged an impressive international presence since we launched in 2015,” said Sean. “But we are competing against some big established brands in the industry and we need to work hard to disrupt the market and work our way into the consumer consciousness.

“With FIFA, I think we’ve scored the goal of the season.”

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Davanti makes power play with Augsburger Panthers extension

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

UK-based tyre manufacturer Davanti is returning to the rink after signing a fresh 12-month sponsorship deal with German top flight ice hockey team Augsburger Panthers.

The deal will see Davanti branding featured not only in the Curt-Frenzel-Stadion but also on the road with the Augsburg Panther’s team bus.

After narrowly missing out on last season’s playoffs, this time around hopes are high that the Panthers can lead the way and secure that all-important post-season place come.

The last time the Panthers reached the playoffs was in 2016/17 when they were eliminated in the quarter finals, but Davanti’s Mainland Europe Sales Director Michael Eckert believes they can go further this season.

“Last year was our first season as Panthers sponsor and they made a strong late run to try to reach the playoffs,” he said.

“We believe they can build on that this season and be very successful. Davanti understands what it takes to become successful in a short space of time and we’re confident in the team.”

Davanti Tyres were launched onto the market in 2015 yet they are now sold in 45 countries with more expansion planned for 2019.

They offer a full range of car and light commercial van tyres including the TUV SUD-certified DX390 plus its Wintoura winter range, which this year will be expanded to 93 fitments.

Martin Horber, Managing Director of the Augsburger Panthers, said extending the Davanti partnership was great news for the club.

“Last year we were unlucky on the ice but very lucky off it as we forged this new relationship with Davanti Tyres,” he said.
“To renew it for the coming season is fantastic and will really help us to push on and challenge for a place in the playoffs. I’m confident Panthers fans will get behind Davanti as passionately as they get behind us and together we can enjoy a successful season!”

To keep up to date on the Panthers progress, visit

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Changing UK attitude to winter tyres could save lives and boost economy

Monday, September 24, 2018

Over the next few months, as usual, millions of drivers across Europe will change their summer tyres for winter.

But not here. In the UK drivers tend to stick with their summer tyres all year round. If the winter is mild that is usually OK but recent years have seen an increasing number of extreme weather events. So is it time for the British driver to reconsider winter tyres?

Davanti’s Wintoura tyre has proved popular since it was launched last year, so much so that this year it will add 40 new sizes to its Wintoura, Wintoura+, Wintoura SUV and Wintoura Van ranges.

But the UK market has still not fully embraced winter tyres. Last winter the Beast from the East and Storm Emma combined to cost the UK economy £1 billion per day for a week before Christmas. Disruption continued into January.

A significant part of this was down to gridlocked roads caused by snowfall, flooding and road accidents or people being snowed into their homes.

And while the worst impact of these storms could not be avoided, the number of days lost to these events could have been significantly reduced had more drivers been running winter tyres.

“The Wintoura range is designed to operate best in cold temperatures,” said Davanti General Manager Peter Cross. “Its advanced silica compound is formulated to not harden in sub-zero temperatures and optimised to perform at a lower peak operating temperature than a summer tyre.

“Add to that our carefully engineered tread pattern, featuring 3D sipes and both latitudinal and longitudinal channels to clear water and slush from the contact area and you have a tyre that is stable and reliable in very cold wintry conditions.”

By offering more grip and control in standing water and snow, the Wintoura makes driving - and stopping - in inclement conditions safer, reducing the risk of accidents and also the number of lost days due to bad weather.

“The most severe weather events at their worst stop everyone in their tracks,” said Peter. “But the impact on drivers and businesses can be reduced by having the right tyres fitted to ensure roads can be safely driven in much worse conditions than a summer tyre could handle.”

To learn more about the Wintoura range visit

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Davanti Tyres and CarFest Leading the Way for BBC Children in Need

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

One of the biggest annual fundraising events for BBC Children in Need will this year feature Davanti for the first time!

The tyre manufacturer is making its debut at Chris Evans’ charity event for petrol heads, which has raised £10.5 million for BBC Children in Need to date. This year’s show features top-selling musicians like Burt Bacharach, Billy Ocean, Madness and Texas, supercar experiences and driving themed attractions.

Davanti will be bringing a super-sized scale radio control racetrack to CarFest - in conjunction with The Racing Bug - that allows up to 10 people the chance to race against each other.

There will also be a host of Davanti-branded goodies up for grabs as well as information about the extensive range of tyres the UK-based firm sells - including the TÜV SÜD and IFV accredited DX390, the Ultra High Performance DX640, the acclaimed Wintoura winter tyre and the forthcoming all-terrain addition to the Davanti family - Terratoura.

“We are really excited to be heading to CarFest,” said Peter Cross, General Manager of Davanti. “On its own it is a great event for car fans and the perfect place to showcase Davanti as we continue to disrupt the tyre market.

“But there is a whole different aspect to the event which makes CarFest special. . We’re delighted to be playing a part in raising money for BBC Children in Need, which will help to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in communities across the UK.

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Kenya surprises Davanti with high profile guests and market demand

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Davanti returned from the AutoExpo Africa show having not only added to its brand awareness but also learned a lot about the needs of such a significant market.

Held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, AutoExpo Africa had only two tyre manufacturers present, so interest was high from the start.

“We had a lot of visitors from the minute the doors opened,” said Peter Cross, Davanti General Manager.

“Kenya is a significant market and we’ve had a real insight into consumer demand and suppliers’ needs within the country thanks to this show.”

One of those visitors was the Director of the State Department of Transport, Ms Geraldine Maingi.

“That was a great honour,” said Peter. “She stayed for a while on our stand, meeting everyone and learning more about what we offer. For a high-ranking official to show such an interest in what we were exhibiting is rare.”

AutoExpo Africa was the latest stop for Davanti’s introduction to Terratoura - ideal for a nation where a lot of vehicles are asked to operate on wildly different terrains from tarmac to dust roads to no roads at all. But there was also significant demand for another member of the Davanti family - the DX440.

“That was a bit of a surprise,” said Peter. “We expected demand for the Terratoura but a lot of Kenyans use public transport and many of the buses that ferry people around the cities and out into the more remote villages are essentially converted minivans.

“The Kenyan market at the moment is split between the most premium brands and the real low budget. In fact what people there want is an affordable tyre that performs well, has notable longevity and gives improved safety and control to drivers.

“For that the DX440 is ideal. It has an impressive lifespan and reliability and offers all the comfort and control you find throughout the Davanti range.”

AutoExpo also started some important conversations for Davanti with dealers who have a significant market share in the country.

“What we learned is that we have what consumers in the African market are asking for,” said Peter. “That’s a great position to be in and the prospect of expanding our global dealer network into countries like Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda to give them a real quality, good value tyre option is exciting.”

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Davanti Dream Team deliver the goods

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Congratulations were in order as the all-woman Davanti Dream Team piloted the Davanti Tyres yacht to victory at the Dubarry Women’s Open Keelboat Championships hosted by Hamble Sailing Club last weekend.


The team, skippered jointly by Marie-Claude Heys and Becky Walford, cruised to victory winning every race to claim the title, adding it to the boat's J-Cup success last month.


Now that's what we call #LeadingtheWay!


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Chaz shows his class at J-Cup

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Davanti Tyres boat won the class for the second year in a row, ablyh skipperedby Chaz Ivill and his crew, but was pushed hard all the way by Mike & Sarah Wallis' J/122 Jahmali, which won the last two races of the series to come runner-up.

Mike Lewis' J/80 Jester was on the podium for all but one race, to finish the regatta in third, and Angus Bates J/133 Assarain IV also made the podium. Piotr Nahajski’s J/95 Jollity was fifth.

“We had some really good teams to race against, and the variety of conditions and courses kept us on our toes the whole regatta.” said Chaz. “I have hardly ever missed a J-Cup, because it is an outstanding event, and really well organised which attracts a great bunch of people to come and race their team. Racing with lots of boats on the race course, was a great experience, and good practice for Cowes Week.”

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Automechanika Dubai opens gateway to the world for Davanti

Thursday, May 10, 2018

British tyre brand Davanti returned from Automechanika Dubai laden with growth opportunities.

It returned from the show having had productive meetings with key individuals from the Middle East, Asia and Europe as part of its expansion strategy. Since launching its first tyre in 2015, Davanti has already established dealer networks in 35 countries.

“Automechanika Dubai has always been an important event for us,” said Davanti General Manager Peter Cross.

“Previously our presence has been largely to establish the brand. Now people are more aware of us thanks to our product launches and how we have disrupted the market.

“That awareness means that we are no longer seen as a curiosity. We have had much more meaningful conversations about how to take our brand to places like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Poland, Portugal, Jordan and Lebanon and other territories.”

The Middle Eastern nations were particularly interested in Davanti, as its full range is Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) accredited. Without GCC certification, tyres cannot be imported into the Middle East. This means Davanti offers a wider selection to consumers in the region than many competitors, who choose only to certify the most popular sizes.

“That was an advantage for Davanti,” said Peter. “There are a wide range of vehicles on the roads in the UAE and throughout the Middle East. The fact we offer so much choice and availability within that market certainly captured people’s attention.

“There is a real window for great value new tyre sales due to a focus on date of manufacture. Dealers are discouraged from holding stock for more than two years after the date of manufacture due to the impact of the hot conditions on tyres.

“As a result the appetite in the Middle East for a certified tyre with impressive test results but a more appealing price point than premium brands is strong.”

Davanti also used Automechanika Dubai to introduce its latest offering, the all-terrain Terratoura.

“It was the first time we had taken Terratoura to a show,” said Peter. “The response was fantastic. Obviously it looks the part but it was when we showed people the test data that they really took notice.

“It’s great to get that reaction and it really reinforces our confidence in Terratoura as a tyre which is going to capture the imagination of dealers and consumers in regions where all-terrain tyres are a necessity, not a luxury.”

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Davanti Roadshow 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We’re under starters orders as we prepare to set off on the 2018 Davanti Roadshow!

Our ambitious plans for 2018 mean we’re going to be busy spreading the word about Davanti’s ever-growing product range at some of the biggest automotive shows and exhibitions in the world.

Here’s a quick rundown of where the roadshow is heading this year:

UK Events

Starting with events and trade shows in the UK, Davanti will be showcasing at a number of popular automotive events as part of the Davanti gazebo tour. So far, we have confirmed our attendance at Japfest Silverstone in May, 4x4 & Pick-Up show on the 15th - 16th June, plus Scotland’s biggest car show - the Scottish Car Show - which will be celebrating its 15 th year on the 15th July 2018.

We are also very excited to announce that we will be attending the fantastic CarFest North 2018 at Bolesworth Estate in Cheshire on the 27th  – 29th July. Since its launch in 2012, CarFest has wowed over 600,000 visitors and raised over £10 million for BBC Children in Need.

International Events

This is not just a domestic tour however, Davanti is going global! We will also be presenting our expanding range of tyres at selected international events including:

Automechanika Dubai - 1st - 3rd May

Auto Expo Kenya - 17th -19th May

The Tire Cologne - 29th May - 1st June

Latin American & Caribbean Tire Expo - 6th -8th June

CITExpo in Shanghai - 20th - 22nd August

More Davanti brand updates will follow across social media channels and future newsletter updates. Be sure to stay informed and attend your local events and remember to visit us at one of this year’s shows!

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New Davanti-Everton Campaign Video

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pride, passion and performance are the focus of Davanti's latest Everton Football Club campaign video. To celebrate their partnership with the Toffees, Davanti has created a short video highlighting the shared values of the Grand Old Team and the globally recognised tyre manufacturer.

The three-year global partnership was launched earlier this season in August 2017 and has so far seen the launch of the #PerformanceDriven campaign, which is focused on exclusive content and unique experiences. Davanti will continue to use their social media channels to give fans further access to exciting offers, competitions and player content.

This new video reflects the strong values that both Everton and Davanti have, centred around a desire and hunger to do their best for fans and customers and linking together the motto of The People’s Club with the fact that Davanti is a global business with family values at its core.

Along with the launch of the new video Davanti Tyres are also giving two fans the opportunity to win an unforgettable experience with the chance to go behind-the-scenes at USM Finch Farm to watch an Everton first-team training session, all you have to do is visit the Davanti Twitter page to find out how to enter.

Sean Maddocks, Davanti Tyres UK & Ireland Sales Director, has said: “It’s been an exciting start to our partnership with Everton and we see a lot of shared values, particularly around innovation and ambition. This opens up many opportunities for how we can use the partnership as we continue to grow as a brand.

“As lifelong Blues we understand the values of the Club and the connection it has with the fanbase. We want to use the partnership to give an insight into what makes elite level performance and to create memorable experiences for fans and customers, bringing people closer to the Club.”

To see the video, click here

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Davanti's new run flats challenge the best

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Following extensive research and development Davanti has this month launched its first range of run flat tyres.

The UK-based manufacturer’s team of designers and product developers has been working to create Davanti’s own run flat for several years. Their ultimate goal was to create a run flat tyre which comfortably exceeded the ISO 16992 guidelines on run flat performance (that a run flat must be capable of travelling a minimum distance of 50 miles at a speed of 50mph).

Davanti, which launched its first tyre in 2015, also wanted its first run flat to match or surpass the performance of rival European brands which have been producing these tyres for decades.

“It has been a long road to get here,” said Gary Cross, Product Manager at Davanti. “We knew we wanted to launch a new run flat range into the market, but we were only willing to do it if we could develop a product that ranked among the best.”

Initially on sale in six sizes across the DX390 and DX640 patterns, Davanti’s run flat is built with a reinforced internal sidewall using Davanti’s innovative DSP technology.

It achieves premium run flat performance without giving up Davanti’s trademark longevity, handling and reliability. No pressure? No problem!

Davanti run flats also come with all the same guarantees and performance properties as conventional Davantis, including the Tyre Life Guarantee.

“Drivers who invest in run flats are highly safety-conscious and will be aware if standards fall short when they most need to rely on them. We understood that at the outset and set ourselves the target of developing a product that beat all guidelines and regulations for run flat performance.

“Consumers have needed a competitively priced, reliable run flat for some time. As we were assessing the range of tyres in the sector we discovered that there were a number of budget and even mid-range run flat tyres on the market whose performance and reliability fell short.

“We were simply unwilling to compromise. If a run flat was going to carry the Davanti name, it needed to stand up against the best currently available.

“Thanks to the fantastic hard work of our team we have realised that goal and the Davanti run flat range is available to dealers now."

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Davanti Extends Partnership with European Top Racing School

Monday, February 12, 2018

After celebrating a hugely successful initial first year of partnership with the Racing School at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), Davanti Tyres has announced that it will be continuing its association with the world-famous circuit for the long-term. Announced as the AIA Racing School’s Official Tyre Partner in 2016, the partnership has been extended with a lot of new partnership initiatives also added.

The AIA circuit, located in the picturesque Algarve, is extremely popular amongst motor-enthusiasts and welcomed more than 1 million visitors to its extensive grounds over the course of last year. This year’s guest attendance is expected to soar to unprecedented numbers, with the track hosting high-profile events such as the European Le Mans Series, the FIM World Superbike Championship, the Algarve Classic Festival and the 24 Hour Endurance Series.

The AIA Racing School is central to the planned expansion of the circuit’s reach and a new host of cars will be introduced in 2018, including Porsche’s 718 and full-race spec Honda’s Civic Type-R. Naturally, Davanti’s UHP DX640 will be fitted to all of the Racing School’s vehicles and will be ‘leading the way’ around the internationally renowned circuit. The DX640 tread pattern will be the exclusive choice of the Racing School and will provide the racing car fleet with the exceptional levels of performance needed on such a demanding circuit.

Additionally, this ongoing alliance will play an increasingly important role in Davanti’s continuous product development. Utilising the professional driver’s knowledge of tyre performance will help with enhancing product lines in the future. Sean Maddocks, Davanti UK & Ireland’s Sales Director stated, “Our partnership with the Autódromo is a trust testament to the quality of our tyres. Our DX640 UHP tyre is fitted to these high-powered vehicles and trusted by their professional drivers at speeds reaching 260km per hour”.

“Most motorists will never need to push their tyres like they do on the track, but it’s hugely reassuring to know that our tyres are tested and proven to deal with even the harshest of driving conditions.”, he added.

Evidently, the sentiment of trust is also reciprocated by the team at the AIA Racing School, who are confident that they are in the safest of hands with Davanti’s UHP models. The AIA Racing School’s Director, Miguel Praia, stated: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Davanti. We have been working with the brand for one year now and feel that the brand’s quality and performance is more than capable of dealing with the demanding conditions at the track. We are also happy that this partnership will allow drivers to continue to get great performance out of the vehicles and provide a safe and confident drive for our drivers.”

Davanti continues to lead the way in Portugal and is further extending its network worldwide, the brand is currently present in 5 continents and provides an ample range in both summer and winter tyres across a wide variety of fitments.

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Davanti Host Product Experience Trip For European Distribution Partners

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Davanti Tyres have enjoyed an incredible rise to prominence since their emergence in 2015, not only in the UK, but across the globe. Their success within the European market was demonstrated by the turn out for their European Distribution Partners event in Portugal in October.

The Aurodromo Internacional in the Algarve was the setting, as Davanti welcomed  30 European distribution partners to a 4-day driving and track experience, to put their tyres to the test on one of Europe’s most demanding circuits.

The track also houses the internationally acclaimed AIA Racing School, who trust Davanti tyres as their Official Tyre Partner. The Racing School attracts over 500,000 yearly visitors from across the UK with all professional racing tuition, track experiences and vehicles running on Davanti's DX640, Ultra High Performance tyre.

The track and AIA racing school set the perfect backdrop and played host to Davanti's key dealers, who flew in from across all corners of Europe to enjoy a jam-packed driving itinerary, which allowed all guests to experience Davanti's tyres on the track, on the roads and also on their off-road park.

We chose  the Autodromo as we wanted to show our customers how Davanti Tyres perform even under the most challenging of circumstances. The track is known to be extremely tough on tyres as there are a lot of undulations and slow corners, so it was the perfect location to showcase how well our tyres perform even at these high speeds and under harsh braking conditions.

“Our dealers are the heartbeat of our brand. They are the key to conveying our messages to the public, and we work in partnership with them to promote our tyres performance. We want to give them first-hand experiences which they can confidently relay to their customers.” adds Sean Maddocks, Davanti’s UK & Ireland Sales Director

The track made a name for itself in late 2016 on the hit, global Amazon series ‘The Grand Tour’, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, featuring the ‘Holy Trinity’ hyper showdown between McLaren P1, the Ferarri LaFerrari and the Porsche 918.

Trip highlights included track time driving a choice of Porsche Cayman S, Audi TTS, Audi RS3, 2 x Honda Civic Type R cars, drag racing, go-karting, and off-roading. All activities were designed to give Davanti dealers further incite into the performance, durability, and reliability of Davanti's tyres in a variety of conditions and road situations

The all-expenses trip concluded with a VIP experience at the European Le Man Series.

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Davanti à la française

Friday, November 17, 2017

In September 2017, Davanti Tyres took a group of 40 of their key UK & Irish customers on a 'once in a lifetime' three-day driving experience through the South of France & Monaco. The trip included the use of an incredible fleet of classic sports cars, driving some of Europe’s most scenic roads including stages of the historic Monte Carlo Rally. By night the guests got to live the Riviera lifestyle with stays in Cannes and Nice before a lavish final night in Monaco.

The cars including Porsche 356 Speedster, Ferrari 308 GTS, AC Cobra and the Jaguar E Type Roadster to name but a few. The customers had the opportunity to drive up to 10 of these highly sought after classics along the coastal boulevards and up through the stunning Corniche.

Day one saw travel from La Croisette, Cannes world-famous seafront boulevard to Castellane; Day two saw the convoy journey from Castellane to Col De Turini and day three's driving took customers from Col de Turini to Monte Carlo for the final leg of the excursion. Coupled with three-day driving experience Davanti's guests had night stopovers in Cannes, Nice, and Monaco with a free day for Davanti's customers to explore Monaco and the surrounding areas. Each night after a day's full driving, the 40+ group ate local cuisine at notable seafront restaurants with the final evening's meal held at the world-renowned Café de Paris, Monaco; a haunt loves by the jet set and celebrities alike.

"We make these trips annually to give thanks to our loyal network of UK & Irish dealers, and it gives Davanti as a brand the opportunity to personally thank them while getting to know them more on a personal level. Driving up into the Corniche along the Col De Turini, and then along the F1 circuit in Monaco in a convoy of classic cars was amazing, for our Davanti customers and myself. These type trips also ensure our customers are fully updated to the growth of Davanti as a global brand" adds Sean Maddocks Davanti Tyre Sales Director UK & Ireland. 

The unique classic car trip and customer driving experience were in the planning stages for several months with guests invited from across Davanti's UK & Irish Performance Network, which is a growing group of independent business owners that work closely with the Davanti UK distribution structure. 40 guests were able to make Davanti annual customer trip with many describing the experience as a bucket list opportunity. 

Chris Trigs at L&H Exhaust a Davanti Tyres Customer says “‘A massive thanks to the Davanti team for a fantastic well organised Customer Trip of a lifetime to the French Riviera. It was an absolute blast driving an aria of classic sports cars around the mountain passes in the Alps. We travelled from the Cote d' Azur, to Castellane, Castellane to Col de Turini and finally col de Turini into Monte Carlo's Casino square. L&H Exhausts are proud to be associated with this premium brand and look forward to a long partnership with Davanti Tyres”. 

Davanti Tyres - Leading the way.

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Wintoura winter excellence from Davanti

Monday, October 30, 2017

When Davanti first launched across Ireland and the UK two years ago, they came with a clear message; to create a range of tyre patterns and sizes to allow UK dealers to maximise their sales. After expanding their summer range from the original two patterns up to six, Davanti have now launched their range of Wintoura winter tyres with the aim of giving their dealers year-round range coverage. 

The UK & Irish winter market though only a small part of total sales has remained very stable over the past 5 years. One thing that has changed is the emergence of quality mid-range brands like Davanti to challenge the previous premium stronghold on this part of the market.

Whilst the Uk & Irish winter’s are almost impossible to predict, Davanti have created their range of four individual patterns specifically designed for different vehicle applications. Davanti, throughout all their products, have invested heavily in research, development and testing before launching their products; and the Davanti Wintoura range is no exception. Development has been a process which has spanned the last three years and final testing was completed at Test World Oy, Finland earlier this year.

Sean Maddocks, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at Davanti Tyres said, “It has been a long road from an initial concept to production but it has been worth spending the extra time to launch these high quality and performance enhanced winter tyres’. The results of this stringent testing method means that the Davanti Wintoura range performs across the whole range of winter conditions, from the extremes of Snow and Ice, to the more common Uk & Irish conditions of single-digit centigrade temperatures. Sean added, “The Wintoura range joins our highly successful summer tyre range in most European markets and each one is specially designed for their specific application and has been tested in the most extreme winter conditions.”

 The four patterns span the HP, UHP, SUV and Commercial market segments and will be available in the UK and across Europe in time for the 2017 winter season. The four patterns in the range are the Wintoura, Wintoura+, Wintoura SUV and Wintoura Van. The launch of Davanti’s winter range takes the total number of sizes/fitments to over 250, but their ambitious plans don’t stop there. 2018 will see further investment in their range in terms of new sizes in their existing patterns and also developments into new market segments.

Peter Cross, Davanti’s General Manager concludes, “We have delivered a fantastic range of products across the market and are already emerged as a competitive option against more established brands. Our growing number of dealers continue to support and embrace our growth momentum and Davanti is now looking towards further coverage across the whole of Europe in due course.”

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Davanti ices further into Europe with Augsburger Panther sponsorship

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Since launching in 2015, Davanti Tyres has quickly become a known and trusted tyre brand across Europe. After a global announcement of an exclusive partnership with English Premier League club Everton F.C in August, Davanti now announces an exclusive sponsorship of the German Augsburger Panthers ice hockey team.

August 2017 marked the launch of Davanti’s Wintoura range, consisting of four new winter tyre patterns. Davanti, throughout all their products, invests heavily in research, development, and testing before establishing their products and the Davanti Wintoura is no exception. Development of the Wintoura range has spanned the last two years and final testing was completed at Test World Oy, Finland earlier this year. The results of their stringent testing method means that the Davanti Wintoura performs across the whole spectrum of winter conditions, ideal for European roads.

After a successful and very promising introduction of Davanti’s Wintoura range into Germany, Davanti Tyres has joined forces with The Augsburger Panthers as their exclusive tyre partner for the upcoming season.

Augsburger Panthers, founded in 1878 hail from the German town of Augsburg, and base themselves at the recently modernised Curt-Frenzel-Stadion. The Panthers are Germany’s oldest ice sports club and have a long history of successful partnership activations. The Panthers are a founding member of Germany’s elite hockey league Deutsche Eishockey Liga and have been successfully playing within this league since 1994.

Davanti’s official partnership with the Panthers has been led by the company’s European Sales Director, Michael Eckert who completed the sign off with Managing Director, Martin Horber in early September 2017.

Michael, an Augsburg resident and long term ice hockey and Panthers fan says, “After successfully introducing the new Davanti Wintoura pattern line-up into Central European markets, I am proud to announce the cooperation with Augsburger Panther Eishockey GmbH. We consider this sponsorship as a suitable measure to promote Davanti Tyres brand in Germany, support our exclusive distribution partner and eventually boost my home town ice hockey team”.

Davanti delivers a fantastic range of products across the European market and is already emerging as a competitive option against more the established European tyre brands. With Davanti's recent global announcement of gaining the highly sought after and prestigious TÜV SÜD mark of approval on their DX390, Davanti's growing number of dealers in Europe continue to support and embrace their growth momentum.
Panther fans will see Davanti’s strong brand presence over the coming season with prominent rink-side advertising and advertising on the team bus.

“This partnership with Davanti Tyres is a big step forward and a special moment for the Augsburger Panthers. Davanti Tyres is an up-and-coming global tyre brand and our first partner based in the UK. We’re very happy that Davanti believes in The Augsburger Panthers as a strategic partner to help build the Davanti brand in Germany. A special thank goes to Michael Eckert who heads up the sales and development of Davanti Tyres in mainland Europe, for assisting in bringing this very exciting commercial partnership to fruition.“ adds Martin Horber, Managing Director of The Augsburger Panthers.

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Davanti increase Asian presence at China International Tire Expo 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

August has proven to be a highly eventful month for Davanti Tyres. First came the announcement of the long-term exclusive partnership with Everton Football Club followed swiftly by news that the brand’s DX390 pattern had successfully achieved the highly sought TUV SUD performance certificate. In-between, announcements, the company exhibited at the China International Tire Expo in Shanghai.

Showcasing the complete range - which now spans 10 patterns across summer and winter segments - the Davanti team in attendance at the show for the third consecutive year.

Peter Cross, Davanti's General Manager says, “Exhibiting at this important expo represents yet another opportunity to maintain our successful corporate image in the Far East. We were able to promote our recent achievements including the partnership with Everton FC and TUV SUD accreditation and met with a number of our existing customers from Europe, The Caribbean and Asia.”

“CIT Expo is a real international show and perfect for us to meet our partners and share important updates on our brand whilst learning of their successes and developing ways to further support our customers in the future. We’re always delighted to hear of our customers’ successes with Davanti as they reap the rewards of supporting Davanti”

“We’re a relatively new brand and we’ve come a very long way since we started a little over two years ago. We now have over 250 sizes, 10 patterns, top-class performance and quality accreditation, and global sponsorship partnerships. Our plans for the year ahead will see us develop even quicker into new countries and product categories. We’re always determined to prove that we represent a refreshing approach for our customers to have a supply partner who is committed to delivering them new opportunities to the standard and at the pace of Davanti”

“The expo also represents a fantastic opportunity to meet with new potential partners and we met many people from many different parts of the world. We look forward to building further dialogue with these new contacts after we return from the expo”.

For further details of the comprehensive Davanti tyre range and services visit

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Davanti Tyres secures prestigious TÜV SÜD stamp of approval

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Whilst developing their range Davanti had clear objectives to bring a safety focused and performance led tyre to the market but to also ensure longevity and comfort are at the forefront of what sets Davanti apart from its competitors.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany and founded in 1866, TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading technical service organisations. To be awarded the TÜV SÜD performance certification mark, the tyre must comply with certain threshold values in a programme of demanding tests. Tyre performance is verified in practical tests both on test-rigs, and on-road tests. The programme includes criteria from fields such as driving dynamics, driving safety, operational reliability and environmental properties, and was developed to measure normal user-focused performance criteria. To be awarded the certification mark, the tyres tested must outperform the existing standards and threshold values.

Davanti Tyres have now been awarded the prestigious and highly sought after seal of approval from TÜV SÜD on their DX390. This accolade not only successfully sets Davanti aside as a trusted brand, it also reinforces Davanti's strong commitment to safety, reliability, and durability. Davanti's DX390 was tested against several mid range competitors, with a weighted outcome which outperformed all tested rivals in most safety-relevant criteria, like i.e. wet-braking and dry-braking, proving Davanti is a leader in comparison to competitor brands. Due to the close cooperation between Davanti Tyres and TÜV SÜD during the testing process significant improvements on the whole was gained from a tyre quality and performance level perspective.

To achieve the award, Davanti's world-leading manufacturing plant was also visited and audited several times. The TÜV SÜD independent accreditation and inspection of Davanti's facilities assists in proving that their European led product development coupled with one of the worlds most advanced production facilities is a winning formula to deliver tyres which surpass traditional 'mid-range' brands, not just in terms of value and label scores, but also in terms of performance.

Davanti’s mileage capability was also recently tested by IFV in Germany with results that demonstrate their tyres longevity is equivalent to leading OE standards. The IFV mileage testing coupled with the TÜV SÜD performance certificate now gives the perfect combination of safety and performance along with a low cost of ownership.

“Achieving the highly sought after TÜV SÜD performance mark is a real milestone for Davanti and testimony to the fantastic quality of our tyres. It's an all-encompassing accolade which includes audits of our production facilities, independent validation of our industry leading label grades, and testing of handling features not covered by the EU labels.

Davanti were tested against some well-established European brands and we were delighted to see that Davanti’s final weighted result outperformed all other reference brands. To come out strongest both in wet and dry handling is an incredible achievement.” Adds Peter Cross, General Manager at Davanti Tyres.

Davanti Tyres is based upon a reputation of ‘innovation, quality and confidence’ reinforced by TÜV SÜD and backed up with Davanti’s ‘accidental damage guarantee'. Davanti is trusted by millions of drivers globally.

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Lendy Cowes Week

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lendy Cowes Week - the world's oldest, largest and most spectacular sailing regatta of its kind saw Andrew Kent, Davanti Tyres Regional Sales Manager set sail on his first Lendy Cowes Yacht race on 'The Davanti'.

The annual Lendy Cowes week started on the 29th July and finished on the 5th August 2017, which this year's regatta included Andrew Kent from Davanti's UK team, on the aptly named yacht 'The Davanti'.

Since 1826 Cowes Week has played a key part in the British sporting summer calendar and is one of the UK's longest running and most successful sporting events. It now stages up to 40 daily races for around 1,000 boats and is the largest sailing regatta of its kind in the world.

'It was a great race, the crew led by skipper Charles really pulled together, a thoroughly enjoyable time and to win our class was fantastic!". Says Andrew Kent Davanti's Business Development Manager.

"The Davanti" is a new Grand Prix version of the J/112E which was launched last year. Davanti Tyres was splashed in the spring and owned by the J Composites CEO, who won several French regattas with it. She arrived in the UK two days before the RTI race, a crew was quickly assembled and the boat went on to win their class! New owner Charles was delighted. The next regatta for this boat after Cowes Week will be the J-Cup in Torbay.

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Davanti Tyres wheels out a three-year partnership deal with Everton Football Club

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Davanti Tyres, a UK based, but internationally renowned tyre brand announces a commercial partnership deal as Everton Football Club's official tyre partner from 2017.

A three-year commercial sponsorship deal was signed in August 2017 between Alan McTavish of Everton Football Club and Peter Cross, General Manager of Davanti Tyres at Goodison Park.

Davanti Tyres was launched in 2015 after years of intensive product testing and development. The brand within three years now carries over 10 different patterns of tyres ranging from smaller passenger cars, heavy duty commercial taxis/van tyres, to high-performance SUV/4x4, and winter tyres.

"We're building a fantastic global distribution network for Davanti and this partnership allows us to collaborate with the club on a number of projects which will serve to the benefit of our Davanti partners around the world. Davanti is proud to be working in conjunction with the globally recognised Everton brand on this new long-term partnership, this will enable us to promote Davanti to a wider international consumer audience." Says Peter Cross, General Manager, Davanti Tyres.

Since their launch, Davanti Tyres have seen levels of sales growth which are unprecedented in the established global tyre industry. The company has grown in size and now sells its products on five continents, with offices and sales teams in the UK, China and Germany. Designed and engineered by industry experts, Davanti Tyres are manufactured in one of the world’s most technologically advanced tyre plants. This gives their customers exceptional value for money, as their exceptional performance results are combined with their manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies.

Davanti felt the time was now right to focus on the next stage of their global brand development. This global commercial partnership with Everton Football Club was an ideal step forward for Davanti's global visions and expansion plans - there are a lot of synergies to be drawn between the ambitions of the two companies on a global scale.

"We're delighted to welcome Davanti Tyres to our growing portfolio of partners, in a summer which has been busy both on and off the pitch.

“Everyone at the Club is looking forward to collaborating with Davanti, both here in the UK and globally in their key markets. Through a strategic and creative activation programme, we can really bring this partnership to life." Adds Alan McTavish, Everton's Head of Commercial Partnerships.

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Davanti Dealer of the quarter

Monday, July 24, 2017

Davanti, having just launched two years ago have become a massive hit in the UK and Irish tyre industry. A large part of this is due to the immense support the brand receives from their Davanti Performance Centre network and as a way of saying thanks, they’ve created a Dealer of the Quarter award to give to their best dealers.

Thompson Tyres, have earned the first ever Davanti Dealer of the Quarter award for going above and beyond with great customer service and promotion of the Davanti brand. Ten dealers from all over the UK and Ireland were initially shortlisted but after the judges went through online reviews, social media and POS promotion and a blind phone shop, Thompson Tyres came out on top.

As part of the award, Davanti Tyres will give £200 to Friends of the Cancer Centre on behalf of Thompson Tyres. Based at the heart of the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, the charity funds life-saving and life-changing projects that make a real and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of local people affected by cancer.

Sean Maddocks, the Davanti Sales Director to the UK and Ireland says “We’ve come a long way since we launched and we couldn’t have done it without dealers like Thompson Tyres. Their hard work selling and promoting the brand is why Davanti has had such an impact in the UK and Irish markets.”

Paul Thompson, owner of Thompson Tyres says “We were a bit hesitant about Davanti when we were first approached as it was a mid-range brand that came out of nowhere. After learning about the brand’s development and comprehensive independent testing, we thought it was worth a try on our own vehicles and we were blown away by the performance and quality. Making it our house brand was a no brainer, especially with all the support Davanti offer us.”

For additional information on how to become a part of the Davanti Performance Centre network, visit



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Davanti Tyres secures tyre distribution into Italy with Tyres Italia

Monday, July 24, 2017

Davanti Tyres secures further expansion into the European tyre market.

Davanti Tyres secures further European expansion as part of their fast-paced global development strategy in signing an exclusive country-wide distribution partnership deal with Tyres Italia SRL.

With Davanti Tyres offering it's new 2017 Wintoura Tyre range coupled with their extensive summer tyre portfolio, Davanti Tyres are now well positioned for the requirements of the Italian market. Tyres Italia srl has recently been formed solely to focus on sales of the Davanti Tyre brand and growth across Italy.

Tyres Italia SRL corporate headquarters and distribution hub are based in Rimini, and headed up by leading industry expert CEO Ivan Zucchi who comes with an extensive and comprehensive background in the region.

The newly deployed Tyres Italia team is enthusiastic to start cooperating with Davanti Tires Ltd. Ivan Zucchi, Sales Director Italy, says that after months of accurate market research and analyzing, they are ready to catch-up this challenge, even though it sometimes requires to adapt quickly on changing situations and demand. We already have a quite clear outlook of the years to come, by approaching the Italian market with DAVANTI TYRES DAVANTI TYRES high quality brand and performance tyres, offering an innovative way of doing business to our local distribution partners."

In May 2017 the Davanti Tyre global team exhibited at the Autopromotec in Bologna, to further establish a strong brand presence, whilst working with Italia Tyres SRL to form their new notable partnership.

Michael Eckert, Davanti Tyres European Sales Director, adds 'We've been engaged in planning and preparation for the new venture over the past 6 months and we're delighted to bring the discussion to a successful conclusion. Tyres Italia Srl brings together a team with a huge amount of experience in the Italian market. We share the same values and vision for the brand in Italy and have ambitious plans over the coming years and months’.

To discover any further Davanti Tyres opportunities within Italy please directly contact Davanti Tyres on

Davanti Tyres - Leading the way


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Davanti Tyres expands and secures deal into the Middle East

Friday, June 30, 2017

Davanti Tyres leads the way on global expansion plans appointing international trading house Terramar GMBH on an exclusive sales deal across the Middle East.

Davanti Tyres has progressively built up an impressive international following, coupled with strong sales across the globe since its conception in 2015.

Global expansion plans have already seen Davanti Tyres secure a significant distribution deal across South Africa in late 2016, further securing its place within the global tyre market. Continuing this ambitious extension strategy has gathered further momentum with the appointment of the internationally acclaimed trading house Terramar GMBH, to exclusively sell Davanti Tyres across the Middle East from June 2017.

Christian F. Nafzger of Terramar GMBH says “Terramar is happy to announce our new Middle Eastern partnership with Davanti Tyres. We are excited to jointly permeate and successfully develop the Middle East tyre markets, together. These markets are challenging yet dynamic, which are a welcome addition to the global growth of Davanti Tyres".  

Terramar GMBH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany comes with over 50 years of expertise developing distribution channels in overseas markets. Terramar is ideally placed within the ever growing Middle Eastern tyre market to cement Davanti Tyres as a key brand within the following countries: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Yemen. 

Davanti Tyres’ decision to further expand into the Middle East arose from a significant demand for ultra-high performance and SUV tyres within the region. Davanti Tyres, as a result of Terramar GMBH appointment, are now able to meet this mid-range demand by carrying the range of sizes applicable to sell to these markets across the Middle East. Davanti Tyre’s ever growing range which now boasts over 250 individual sizes is ideally suited to satisfy the diverse range of applications and sizes that the region demands.

“Our aim is to expand brand presence and sales into new countries and we are delighted to be working with a partner with extensive and very relevant contacts and experiences. We have many exciting developments planned for Davanti in the coming months in terms of new sponsorship partnerships, new products, and exclusive distribution partnerships”, adds Peter Cross of Davanti Tyres.

To discover any further Davanti Tyres opportunities internationally please directly contact Terramar on +49-40-27073-106

Davanti Tyres, leading the way.  

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Davanti celebrates their second anniversary at Autopromotec, Bologna

Thursday, May 18, 2017

It’s been two years since Davanti launched at the Autopromotec show in Bologna, Italy and this month sees the brand’s return to where it all began.

Two years ago in Italy, Davanti came into the market with a small, but targeted range of PCR and SUV tyres in their DX390 and DX640 patterns. Since then, Davanti has risen to prominence in the UK & Irish markets as evidenced by their scale of developments thanks to their ambitious growth plans.

Fast forward two years and the brand now boasts over 200 summer sizes across 6 individual patterns including PCR, UHP, commercial, SUV and taxi. Sean Maddocks, Davanti Sales Director to the UK & Ireland says, “We’re all looking forward to heading back to Bologna and further developing our European customer base. We’ve brought a fantastic range of products to market and our dealers across the UK & Ireland have embraced them from day one, and we’re getting great feedback from our European distribution partners too.”

At this year’s Autopromotec event, Davanti will be launching its Wintoura range of winter tyres, which is the latest offering to the brand’s ever growing customer base, both in the UK and the global market. The Wintoura range, which has been tested and developed at Test World Oy in Finland, is being launched in 51 fitments across the HP, UHP, SUV and Commercial sectors.

Having firmly established itself in the highly competitive UK market, Davanti are looking to build up the same degree of customer engagement across the rest of Europe. This ambitious objective is backed by the recent appointments of Michael Eckert as European Sales Director and Danijel Tomasic as Sales Manager for South East Europe to form a dedicated sales team for Europe.

Peter Cross, Davanti's General Manager states, “Davanti has already emerged as a competitive option for more established brands which is being progressively embraced by wholesalers and distributors throughout Europe.”

Peter Cross confirms that the main objective at this Autopromotec Show is to further promote the Davanti brand in Europe and an experienced sales team will be on the stand throughout the event to liaise with existing customers and also welcome potentially new distributors in certain European countries.

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Davanti appoint sales manager for Southeast Europe

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Davanti Tyres has announced the appointment of Mr Danijel Tomasic as  Sales Manager for South-East Europe with immediate effect as the next stage in the company's dynamic progression as a competitive leading brand throughout Europe. Danijel will based in Croatia and work with European Sales Director – Michael Eckert and be responsible for future sales expansion in South Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries. 

This latest recruitment development by Davanti further underlines the drive and determination of this young and ambitious company to become an established leading brand in Europe as Danijel has joined Davanti from Michelin where he had worked for three years as an Account Manager for Croatia and Bosnia. Prior to this he worked extensively in the automotive aftermarket industry and brings to Davanti a wealth of sales experience.

Sean Maddocks, Davanti's Sales Director for the UK and Ireland says, “As our brand continues its progressive development in Europe, we are delighted to welcome Danijel to our team and look forward to the benefits of his sales expertise in Europe.”

Danijel adds, “I am impressed by Davanti's swift rise in the market with their quality PCR range and when I saw for myself what the Davanti team is creating and building, I was convinced that joining them would be a major step forward for my career. I also relish the challenge of being able to build on the momentum of sales that Davanti has already have developed in Croatia and surrounding European countries.”

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Davanti Tyres are hot off the line in the new year as they become the official tyre sponsor of the 5Club Racing MX5 Cup for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.  

A perfect blend of performance, excitement and value, the MX5 is a favourite among many car enthusiasts. It’s the perfect match for the uncompromising grip and performance of Davanti’s DX390 tyre.

Officially started in 2012, the MX5 Cup is a tightly controlled one make series for the Mk1 Mazda Mx5 ('89 – '97 B6 1.6l 16v engine). It is a race series that puts the focus on driver ability to be both fun and superb value. Many successful drivers have used the series to hone their skills before moving on to win other championships.

Alyn Robson, Founder of 5Club Racing and the MX5 Cup says “After hearing about Davanti Tyres, I used some on my own road car and was so impressed at their overall performance that we tested some on the MX5s and found them to complement the handling extremely well. With the excellent performance of the new Davanti Tyres, I fully expect that some lap records will fall in 2017.”

The MX5 Cup will have over 20 events on many prestigious UK circuits such as Brands Hatch, Thruxton and Donington Park amongst others, and will even include a trip abroad to the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands. Each event will see 30 to 40+ cars lining up on the grid for some spectacular racing as drivers try to win as many points as they can in hopes of becoming the champion at the end of the year.

With every racecar sporting Davanti branding, the MX5 Cup will spread the Davanti name far and wide between all the press, spectators and TV at events to the many cars being transported on open trailers for all the other road users to see.

Sean Maddocks, Davanti Tyres Sales Director to the UK and Ireland says “Davanti was launched less than two years ago  and our performance portfolio is starting to speak for itself. Between all the extensive testing at IDIADA, our new partnership with the AIA Racing School in Portugal and the MX5 Cup, Davanti is proving to be a true competitor for the more established premium and mid range brands.

“This is only the start so you can expect to see a lot more of Davanti in 2017 and beyond.”

For more information on the 5Club Racing MX5 Cup visit


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Davanti Racing Ahead in Portugal

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Davanti continue their impressive hot streak this year as they announce a partnership with the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve Racing School in Portugal. 

For the next two years all vehicles at the AIA Racing School, which include a Porsche Cayman S, Audi RS3, Audi TTS, Honda Civic Type-R and two Ginettas, will all be fitted with Davanti Tyres. All professional racing tuition, track experiences, and demonstrations will be performed on Davanti’s DX640 tyres, with the exception of the Ginettas which will race on the DX390. 

The Autodromo of Algarve has made a name for itself recently as it was featured on the series premiere of The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The show featured the much anticipated ‘Holy Trinity’ hypercar showdown between the McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918. That means that visitors to the Autodromo of Algarve will be able to put their skills to the test on the ‘hallowed’ asphalt of the Autodromo of Algarve with Davanti rubber. 

The partnership came after Davanti held their first Product Experience trip with over 50 of their Performance Centre dealers along with journalists from key UK and European trade publications to the circuit in September. 

Sean Maddocks, Sales Director to the UK and Ireland says “The trip could not have been better. Guests not only had a chance to push our tyres through their paces which showcased the quality of Davanti’s high performance range but they also had a chance to relax on the Algarve coast.”

Davanti made a great impression on the Autodromo team as well. Consisting of their own professional racing instructors headed by former World Superbike and Moto GP rider Miguel Praia and an illustrious cast of racing drivers from all over Portugal that were drafted for the event.

Miguel says “The Davanti tyres performed exceptionally not only in all the smaller tests but also on the track which is notoriously difficult for tyres. Their grip and predictability are exactly what you want out of a performance tyre and they’re long lasting as well. We even kept the tyres fitted to our cars after the Davanti event and got nearly two months worth of track use out of them.”

As well as the tyre fitments, Davanti will have plenty of brand presence at the track to promote the partnership including a giant feature wall in the Race School, product display areas and branding on the circuits clothing and race helmets.

Sean says “We feel the partnership with the circuit perfectly highlights our message that premium performance no longer has to carry a premium price tag. Whilst the average driver in the UK will never need to test our tyres to the limits they are pushed to on the track, it is a true statement of quality that our range is trusted by professional racing drivers to showcase their track and their vehicles.”

With a race track that is now so prominent in the minds of the motoring enthusiasts all over the world thanks to the Grand Tour, Davanti will be heavily promoting the partnership throughout 2017 and will be working on ways to activate this partnership to the UK and European audience.

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Davanti and its dealers star on the TV screen

Friday, November 25, 2016

Davanti has always offered its dealers great quality performance tyres in addition to innovative methods of dealer support. From classic point of sale material to bespoke signage, Davanti is taking its support to the next level by adding branded TV programming. 


Working together to capture and combine both Davanti’s and the dealer’s message, bespoke imagery and advertisements are designed to run alongside regular TV programming on smart TVs.


Sean Maddocks, Sales Director to the UK and Ireland says “While the customers are waiting for their tyres to be fitted or other work done, watching TV is a great way for them to make the time pass. Why not take advantage of that and have your branding be a part of their focus.

“Ultimately, our dealers’ success is our success so we strive to work together with our dealer network and give them the best support possible.” 

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Product Experience Trip

Friday, November 25, 2016

The launch and success of Davanti has already made a massive impact in the British and Irish industry in just over a year of trading. With sights set on the rest of continental Europe, Davanti held a massive Product Experience trip at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve to entice new distribution partners as well as let some of their Performance Centre dealers test the tyres in extreme scenarios. 

Sean Maddocks, Sales Director to the UK and Ireland, says “A lot of our dealers and distributors are given test sets to help convince them of Davanti’s quality but you can’t push a tyre to its limits on normal roads. That’s why this Product Experience trip to the Algarve is so vital - it allows everyone to truly put our tyres through their paces in various tests”

The DX390’s stopping prowess was displayed in a ‘Moose’ test in which drivers had to swerve and do an emergency stop. Although designed primarily for on-road applications, the DX-740 had no problems taking on the hilly dirt roads of the Algarve. 

The star of the trip was the Ultra High Performance DX640 pattern which was used to showcase its wet grip and control during a drift test on a skid pan. On the kartodromo track, it also impressed participants with its dynamic control as they navigated tight corners and twists of the kart circuit in a performance car.

However, the event everyone looked forward to was the actual Autódromo track where participants HAD a chance to truly push the DX640. With a variety of cars like the Audi TTS, Ford Mustang, Civic Type R, BMW 4 Series and Porsche Cayman S, the DX640 pattern proved its performance engineered design true. 

Adam Shiels from Russell Shiels Tyres says “It’s always great to know the tyres you’re selling and how they perform. After this trip, I’ll be able to tell my customers that not only can Davanti tyres handle your everyday road conditions easily, but they will perform well when put through their paces.”

The second day of the trip was more relaxed as the entire group went out for scenic drive in a convoy of 25 Mercedes all fitted with DX640’s. The luxurious drive featured a cruise on a catamaran, lunch at a nice hilltop restaurant and was finished off with a wine tasting at a local vineyard.  

Miguel Praia, Racing School Director at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve says "The Davanti tyres were really tested and pushed to limits you wouldn’t really experience in real world driving and they handled the challenges beautifully. The DX640 handled the track exceptionally well and offered great control on the skid pan - one of the best tyres I’ve tested in the wet."

Sean adds “We’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback from everyone that came out. It’s been a fun and successful trip that even a local wildfire couldn’t ruin and I think everyone will remember it for a long time.”

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Davanti Launches Runflat Range

Friday, November 25, 2016

Davanti’s product portfolio keeps growing with the newest addition of its runflat range. With production beginning in October, the first shipment is set to arrive in November and will consist of our most popular patterns - the DX390 and DX640.

Like the regular DX390 and DX640, the runflat versions will share the same tread pattern and all the high performance characteristics including uncompromising grip in all conditions and low noise.

Sean Maddocks says “We’re starting the launch with six sizes for 16 and 17 inch rim diameters and will be gradually adding more as time to goes on, eventually moving into 18 and 19 inch sizes."

A Davanti runflat will be easily identifiable from its regular counterparts, by the addition of the 'DSP RUN FLAT' logo to the tyre's sidewall and label.

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Davanti World Tour 2016 at its end

Friday, November 25, 2016

With Davanti still being fairly new to the market, one of its goals is to establish itself as a global brand so in addition to the Portugal Product Experience trip, Davanti have been exhibiting at trade shows across the map throughout 2016. 

With two domestic and six international shows on a total of four continents, the Davanti Team has been busy racking up the mileage and securing new distributors and dealers in all corners of the world, especially with the help of Michael Eckert, Davanti's new Sales Director to mainland Europe.

Since the brand’s official tradeshow launch at Autopromotec Bologne in the summer of 2015, Davanti is now distributing to over fifteen countries. Our recent additions include Croatia, Canada, and Australia with several more in the works.  

2017 looks to be just as busy with six tradeshows already confirmed, so watch this space as Davanti strives to become a global name. 

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Walkers Tyres

Monday, August 1, 2016

Walkers Tyres Darlington was originally established by Alex Walker in 1983 and over the last 33 years Walkers have gone from strength to strength and are now the longest remaining business on Darlington's Borough Road Industrial Estate.


Although the business was started primarily selling part worn tyres, the demand for new tyres has grown such that part worn tyres are a thing of the past and Walkers now focus primarily on new tyres. They also offer services like puncture repairs, wheel balancing, laser wheel alignment (tracking), and alloy bead refurbishment.


Alex says “We were persuaded by the sales rep to try Davanti so we ended up doing our own investigations, reviews and some testing of the brand.  We were so impressed we decided we wanted to be on board before the brand was offered to a competitor as we could see the phenomenal reports we were getting back.


“The brand is a quality mid range tyre that can hold its own against the premiums and obviously at a terrific saving for the customer, which is essential at the moment as the majority of our customers seem to demanding cheaper options.”


Walkers Tyres is just one of the quality independent retailers on Davanti’s 200+ strong dealer network that’s growing everyday and it’s not just due to quality of their extensive  tyre range, but also because of the high level of dealer support they provide including bespoke signage.


“The lads have just put the finishing touches to the Davanti makeover and I’m absolutely chuffed to bits. What a transformation which coupled with the exterior decoration we’ve had done, looks superb,” adds Alex.


As a Davanti Performance Centre, Walkers Tyres benefit from the full dealer package including bespoke POS material and signage, branded uniforms, preferential pricing and a special incentive and reward scheme.

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Davanti Exhibits at World’s Leading Tyres Show

Monday, August 1, 2016

Davanti Tyres made a successful debut at the Reifen Show in Germany building the brand’s recognition and reputation as one of Europe’s most dynamic and successful new tyre brands.


As a new brand, Davanti’s main priority was to introduce itself and showcase the quality and size of its range. The eye-catching Davanti stand presented its full range of tyres encompassing the PCR, Ultra High Performance, SUV and Van sectors which includes over 170 size options in six distinctive tyre patterns.


Peter Cross, Commercial Manager at Davanti says, “The Reifen Show was the perfect stage for Davanti with its domestic and international reach. We’ve left the Reifen show with a lot of 'follow up' work to carry out from both European and international companies interested in our products.”

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Davanti strikes up great partnerships

Monday, August 1, 2016

With Davanti still being fairly new to the market, one of its goals is to build brand recognition among a wide array of customers whether it be locally or nationally.


Davanti have hit a six in the Midlands becoming the title sponsor of the North Staffs and South Cheshire Premier Cricket League (NSSCPCL) for the 2016 season which will have their 55 grounds all adorned with Davanti banners.


While on the sea, the Davanti Tyres J11s is back out and sailing under Captain Charles ‘Chaz’ Ivill, who recently won the Weymoth Doubles regatta.


In addition to cricket and sailing, Davanti have already ventured into football sponsorship with high profile FA Cup matches in February and March.


Sean Maddocks, Sales Director for the UK and Ireland says, “Key partnerships like this are important to building our brand. We have an ever-expanding dealer network across the UK and Ireland and we want to work closely with regional events and projects to help drive brand recognition to our dealers in their localities.”


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Davanti returns to IDIADA

Monday, August 1, 2016

Davanti Tyres returned to IDIADA in June following last year’s successful testing of their DX390 and DX640 tyres. This time the aim was to put the DX240 for the super-mini class and the DX740 for SUV’s, through the same rigorous testing process against competitive brands.


The testing provided insight into how Davanti performs relative to other tyres on the market, specifically the latest tyres from direct competitors. The results were hugely impressive with both patterns coming second only to the premium tyres tested.


The DX240 had some impressive results in the wet, outperforming even the premium brand in wet braking and wet handling. In dry conditions, the DX240 was narrowly beaten by it’s premium counterpart, scoring very high in Dry Stability and Dry Handling. In the overall results, the DX240 came a very close second to the premium brand and beat the two mid range and one budget tyre it was tested against. A grand performance which drew particular praise from test engineer Ray Collier.


The DX740 also performed well across all test with majority of the scores landing in the ‘Very Good’ range. The DX740’s consistency throughout all the tests and especially in the dry ensured a joint second place finish with one of its mid range competitors. The second mid range brand as well as the budget brand were inferior to Davanti’s SUV tyre in overall testing.


Sean Maddocks, Sales Director for the UK and Ireland says “It’s great to return to IDIADA for more comprehensive testing on the Davanti range and the results are exactly what we hoped for. We’ve launched a new brand that not only competes with more established mid-range brands, but actually beats them in independent testing.


“We’ve ensured that all the critical tests have been carried out, proving that both patterns are of exceptionally high quality and therefore incredible value to our customers.”

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Michael Eckert to lead Davanti on European sales campaign

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Having launched just over a year ago as a new performance tyre brand, Davanti have already achieved a growing reputation in the UK and Ireland. Now the company is looking to replicate this impressive success throughout Europe with the ambitious appointment of Michael Eckert as Sales Director, Mainland Europe.


Michael joins Davanti with 21 years experience within the European tyre market and will be responsible for further enhancing an already promising sales programme in some European countries and looking to build new distribution agreements throughout the continent.


Michael has worked with some of the leading tyre brands in the world including Michelin and Hankook and most recently worked for Sailun Jinyu as Senior Product Marketing Manager where he sourced new distribution partners in dedicated key countries. He was also involved in winning fleet customers and managed the product development of PCR and TBR tyres to meet specific customer and market requirements.


Michael also has extensive experience in marketing and sales and says, “Davanti is a young ambitious brand which in a short period of time has established itself in the international tyre market across four continents and is now targeting Europe. It will be great to build on this initial success in Europe and establish Davanti as an easily recognized brand to the end consumer.”


Peter Cross, Davanti’s General Manager adds, “We are delighted that Michael has joined us and we look forward to taking Davanti to the next level of growth of the brand and also further extend our distribution footprint. We have enjoyed tremendous success in the UK through our extensive knowledge of the market and now Michael will be the key to unlocking our potential across the rest of Europe.”


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Friday, April 15, 2016

Davanti started 2016 by exhibiting at the Performance Car Show in January and Tyrexpo South Africa in February.

With Performance Car Show's footfall over 87,000, the audience was filled with potential distributors, garage owners, journalists, and motorsport fans. Davanti’s presence was sure to add to their growing reputation amongst the motoring community.

The year is just getting started as Davanti is sure to gain more traction and popularity as it exhibits at the following shows as well:

Tradeshow Month
Tyrexpo Americas April
Tyrexpo Dubai May
Reifen (Essen) May
Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo June
CITEXPO September


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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Group started in a humble wooden shed by Roy and Daisy Hammond in 1962 as a way to help the local community get the automotive service they need.

The drive to provide great and innovative services has led the Group to grow to nine premises and nearly 250 employees. Hammond Tyres, part of the group and now a Davanti Performance Centre, made the Davanti decision in October and isn’t looking back. 

Keith Manders, Tyre Department Manager at Hammonds Tyres, says “We were originally a bit hesitant when approached as Davanti is a new brand, but after seeing the testing results from IDIADA, combined with all the positive feedback we’ve been getting by our customers, we’re sold on the brand.”

Keith added “The support we get from the brand and their local distribution partner is second to none, I see this as the beginning of a very successful relationship.”

As a Davanti Performance Centre, Hammond Tyres benefit from the full dealer package including beapoke POS material and signage, branded uniforms, preferential pricing and a special incentive and reward scheme.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

In 12 year of existence, Tyres Leeds have grown from a mobile commercial company to become the community-favourite tyre fitters due to their customer focused strategy.

Simon Meah, Owner of Tyres Leeds, says “We were approached by Davanti last year, and were given a test set to try them out. Their wet grip and noise reduction is really impressive, I even went and switched the Contis on my car with Davanti. They fit perfectly between the budget and premium categories as their  performance and value is unmatched. They’ve even replaced Hankook as our house brand.”

Tyres Leeds have recently undergone a full Davanti Performance Centre makeover where they had a new logo designed, new signage installed, their van wrapped, a new website created, and even new stationary delivered.

Simon adds, “We have had exceptional backing from Davanti from the wrapping of the van and POS. With their help, we’ve had a major rebrand to take Tyres Leeds to the next level.”

As a Davanti Performance Centre, Tyres Leeds benefit from the full dealer package including beapoke POS material and signage, branded uniforms, preferential pricing and a special incentive and reward scheme.

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DX240 and DX740 arrive in the UK!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Davanti’s DX240 and DX740 hit UK shores this month making the total sizes available in the Davanti range over 150.

The DX240 proves performance can come at any size. Designed for smaller passenger cars with 13"-14" fitments, the DX240 provides exceptional wet and dry grip with high levels of straight line and cornering traction.

The DX740 on the other hand, proves that SUV’s can be quiet and also improves on fuel efficiency. With an optimum balance of wet and dry grip, and a smooth, comfortable and quiet drive, the DX740s will be a favourite among SUV drivers.

Find out more about the new additions and the rest of the range here.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Andrew Billingham and Andrew Kent have joined Davanti to help support the company with its network of distributors and commitment to expanding the brand globally.

Joining as Regional Sales Managers, the new hires will assist Sean Maddocks, Sales Director for UK and Ireland, with building and developing relationships with key distributors, cultivating relations with retailers and developing strategies to further promote the Davanti brand.

Andrew Billingham joins from SHB Vehicle Hire and Management, where he built on his extensive experience in nurturing strong customer relations. Andrew also previously worked for Goodyear Dunlop Tyres, as did Andrew Kent. 

Andrew Kent has left his position as Business Account Manager with Goodyear Dunlop to join Davanti. He said; “Davanti is a fast-paced, dynamic business, which offers fantastic opportunities for growth. I have been nothing but impressed with the business in the short amount of time that I have been with them. The people here are great at building relationships and recognising opportunities, alongside providing an energetic and passionate workplace.” 

Both hires bring proficient retail experience to the new roles and solid experience in marketing techniques and strategies.

Andrew Billingham commented; “Davanti delivers an innovative and fresh new product in the UK tyre market, so it’s incredibly exciting to be joining their team so early on in the brands journey. The range provides fantastic value to all involved in the supply chain, especially those involved in the unique dealer support package, which is designed around optimising sales, increasing dealer margins and crucially offering an affordable price point for the end user.”

Haydock based, Davanti Tyres Ltd, is a subsidiary company of Oak Tyre Holdings Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the Fast-Fit industry and an industry leader for imported exclusive tyre brands.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Davanti has recently taken two of its most popular tyres and put them through their paces at IDIADA, Europe’s most comprehensive independent proving grounds. The DX390 & DX640 were tested for their performance capabilities in the following areas; dry braking, dry handling, wet braking - on Asphalt with ABS, longitudinal aquaplaning and wet handling.

The testing of all Davanti tyres for their EU label grading has been carried out by IDIADA prior to being sold in the UK. IDIADA is a multinational company that provides design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry.

In addition to providing testing service to tyre manufacturers, IDIADA are one of just three independent test laboratories in the world to be members of the European Union’s Expert Group on laboratory alignment.

The testing provided insight in to how Davanti performs relative to other tyres on the market. The results of testing are as follows:

  Premium     Davanti      Mid-Range Budget     
Dry Handling 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Dry Braking 1st 3rd 2nd 4th
Wet Handling - Objective 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Wet Handling - Subjective 1st =2nd =2nd 4th
Wet Braking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Longitudinal Aquaplaning 1st =2nd =2nd 4th

Peter Cross, Davanti General Manager said: “Davanti tyres combine expert engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, extensive testing and progressive development. Our European led product testing goes far beyond the mandatory testing.

“We put our tyres through rigorous test regimes to ensure they deliver safe and predictable handling and a comfortable drive. Our tyres allow the driver to get the most out of their vehicles performance capabilities, and therefore deliver excellent value for money to users.”

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Davanti is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Maddocks as Sales Director for UK and Ireland, who will be starting his role with immediate effect.

Previously working in Key Account Management with Goodyear Dunlop for four years, Sean has a wealth of experience in sales management and has worked directly with all aspects of the UK market, from independent retailers to national retailers and distributors.

Previous to his work in the tyre industry, Sean spent five years in the vehicle rental segment of the automotive industry and is able to bring both extensive experience and sector knowledge to his new role.

“I can’t wait to start working with Davanti, an ambitious and exciting brand who understand the demands of the market and the UK consumer. I am committed to providing an excellent service to our distribution partners and I’m looking forward to further developing the range coverage and product line by working closely with our manufacturer” says Maddocks.

Peter Cross, Davanti General Manager said; “We are delighted to be working with Sean, who’s experience will be invaluable in pushing forward the Davanti brand in the UK and beyond.”

Maddocks’ appointment comes as Don McIntyre is promoted to the position of Group Sales Director. McIntyre started at Oak as Sales Manager in 2008 and progressed to the position of Company Sales Director three years ago. 

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Davanti commission new fleet to support UK distribution network

Monday, August 24, 2015

Davanti has bolstered its UK logistics infrastructure to support the rapidly growing network of Davanti Distributors.

Having commissioned a fleet of brand new vehicles, two 40ft artic trucks and two 7.5t trucks were recently added to the Davanti distribution network. The fleet will provide a nationwide support stock service to Davanti regional distributors, backing up supply direct from the factory.

“It’s imperative that Davanti Performance Centres experience exceptional fill-rates from regional distributors,” says Davanti Vice General Manager, Wilson Zhang. “We want our customers to be able to access the full davanti size range on a same-day basis – offering this level of service UK-wide is the rationale behind our latest investment in the new fleet.”

The investment in the fleet comes as the company announces the launch of the second generation of Davanti tyres: the DX440 and the DX420.

Designed specifically for the British hackney carriage, the DX420 is a heavy duty commercial tyre. The DX440 is a commercial van tyre designed to perform in demanding site conditions.

The new tyre patterns will be launched this September at the China International Tire Expo 2015 in Shanghai.

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New Davanti tyres launched

Monday, August 24, 2015

We’re delighted to be releasing two new tyres, the DX420, designed specifically for Hackney Carriages and the DX440 a rugged van tyre.

The new tyres will be officially launched at China International Tyre Expo in Shanghai from 9 – 11 September where we’ll be on stand 5010, West Hall.

The Davanti DX420 is a heavy-duty commercial taxi tyre with exceptional grip and outstanding performance. Designed specifically for Hackney Carriages the DX420 is built to be tough and long lasting and delivers exceptional all-weather grip and a comfortable drive.

A high wearing outer tread, innovative taxi-specific compound and high tensile strength steel belted construction combine to provide exceptional mileage capabilities.

The Davanti DX440 is a commercial van tyre with the strength and durability to endure heavy loads in all conditions. Versatile and designed to perform on both normal road terrains and in demanding site conditions, the high wearing DX440 endures heavy loads without compromising handling or comfort.

The offset outer block actively contains noise and provides superior drainage for exceptional all weather grip and a heavy-duty shoulder construction delivers a responsive drive under heavy loads and on demanding surfaces.

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Davanti’s launch at Autopromotec proves to be huge success

Monday, August 24, 2015

The exciting launch of Davanti Tyres at the Autopromotec show in Bologna returned rave reviews of the new performance tyres.

Showcasing Davanti DX640 and DX390 tyres, the outstanding wet-grip performance and consistently low noise ratings across the range piqued the interest of visitors and exhibitors, alike.

“The launch at Autopromotec couldn’t have gone better, the reception was great and there was a real buzz about the brand throughout the event,” said Wilson Zhang, Vice-General Manager of Davanti.

Early customer feedback has been exceptional, with examples like Darren Crookes from Tyre Doctor in Sunderland stating: “The Davanti DX640’s I recently fitted to my Seat Leon are the best tyres I’ve ever tried. The all weather grip provided a really responsive drive. They gave me total confidence. The dynamic design also minimises noise for a really smooth ride.”

Zhang notes that this is only the beginning for Davanti Tyres: “Our Performance Centre Network is growing and the orders are flying in. We’re really excited, the future’s bright for Davanti.”

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Davanti to launch at AUTOPROMOTEC 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Visitors to Autopromotec in Bologna this month will have the opportunity to see Davanti tyres close up for the first time in Hall 15 at Stand H2. Taking place from from 20 to 24 May, Autopromotec is the premier international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products.

The tyres will be on sale from 1 June and with their impressive EU labels, which show outstanding wet-grip performance and consistently low noise ratings across the range, they are likely to be very popular. Combining expert engineering experience with the latest advanced tyre technology, every Davanti tyre is produced with innovation, quality and performance at its heart.

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First Davanti Tyres Arrive in UK

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The first Davanti tyres arrived in the UK this week. The brand launches with the release of the Davanti DX640 and DX390. The DX640 is an ultra high performance passenger and SUV tyre dynamically designed for maximum grip, and the DX390 is a high performance tyre offering a fuel efficient and comfortable drive.

The DX640 and DX390 will be available in an extensive range of sizes and fitments and will be closely followed by the DX420, designed specifically for Hackney Carriages and the DX440 a rugged van tyre to be released later in the year.

Advanced profile design, tread development, compound technology and tyre construction means every Davanti tyre is built for ultimate performance, efficiency and comfort.

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